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FAN-CAST! MCU Fantastic Four by batmanadik05
FAN-CAST! MCU Fantastic Four

MCU's The Fantastic Four - I did not bother watching the FOX reboot since all I hear are bad things about it from the start. I was willing to give it the chance, but after its release, NO WAY. With the MCU I also went with "young" people but I don't want them to be too young. I want them to be experienced with their respective fields. If they do another origin story I want an amalgamation of the space storm and them going to the negative zone. Plus Victor Von Doom DONE RIGHT. The great dictator of Latveria we all know and love. 

Bret Harrison as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic (Reaper, That 70s Show) I casted him since he has that lovable nerdy vibe. And that's just based on some few episodes of That 70s Show. And Reaper is proof that he can hold his own, despite the show getting only 

Maggie Grace as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman (Taken 1-3) Much like Harrison, Grace gave of that adorable nerdy vibe that you buy. The Taken movies were not the greatest, especially 2 and 3, but it proved Grace's ability to act and do action.

Hunter Parrish as Johnny Storm/Human Torch (17 Again,Weeds) Parrish is not really a famous actor, which is an aspect that I like since it fits Marvel's way of casting their characters. I've only seen a few episodes of Weeds, the way he interacts with his brother on the show seemed fit for Johnny. Johnny is an asshole but he is an asshole with potential but prefers to slack-off, which I know Parrish can do.

Sean William Scott as Ben Grimm/The Thing (American Pie, Goon) We've all known him as Stiffler. I know this is an odd choice but when I saw Goon, I found out this dude can be a bad ass. The way I see Ben Grimm is a macho dude with a humble heart, in Goon we see Scott do almost exactly that. With his sense of humor and the temper he sort of had in the Goon, I cannot wait to see his interactions with Parrish. Which I liked, of course he can do mo-cap for thing. I just hope he has a good voice for the role.


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